Incroyable : “Cette série” de Netflix revient pour une saison surprise!

Incroyable : “Cette série” de Netflix revient pour une saison surprise!
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Netflix Confirms Seventh Season for Popular Series

Netflix has recently confirmed the return of one of its most popular series for a seventh season. This decision is a surprising one, considering that the most recent season was not widely well-received by critics or viewers.

The Return of a Cult Classic Series

The series, Black Mirror, is set to return for its seventh season, as reported by Variety. The successful science-fiction show, created in 2011 by Charlie Brooker, has become a must-watch for television viewers. After a four-year hiatus, it made its return earlier this year on Netflix with the release of its sixth season. Black Mirror has now reached the Top 10 in 92 countries, and spent four weeks in the English-speaking Top 10.

New Season Promises Exciting Cast

For the sixth season, Charlie Brooker showcased a cast of well-known American actors, including Aaron Paul, Zazie Beetz, Salma Hayek, and Josh Hartnett.

Season 7 on the Horizon

No casting details have yet been announced for the seventh season of Black Mirror. The production is expected to begin in early 2024 and we can yet again expect Charlie Brooker taking the helm. He will be supported by Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhoades, who should return as executive producers. The details of the plot and the number of episodes are also not known at this time.

Impact on the Pop Culture Scene

Despite negative reviews of its most recent seasons, Black Mirror has had a significant impact on pop culture as a whole. The show has been lauded for its remarkably accurate anticipatory depiction of a dystopian near future. Despite a drop in viewership, there’s high chance that the seventh season of Black Mirror will make a lot of noise!

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