Cette nouvelle série policière sur Netflix va détrôner Mindhunter cet automne!

Cette nouvelle série policière sur Netflix va détrôner Mindhunter cet automne!
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Netflix’s Upcoming Productions for the Fall

What is Netflix preparing for us this fall? As the live-action series One Piece, which was released yesterday, is in full swing, the platform is communicating about its upcoming productions. We have thus unearthed the trailer for a series that is likely to obsess us all autumn. Fans of Mindhunter will appreciate.

The Thriller, a Continuously Exploitable Vein

The thriller represents certainly one of the most visited categories and appreciated by Netflix subscribers, a vein that the streaming giant continues to exploit to the fullest this back-to-school period in 2022. The most significant example is the upcoming release of The Killer, a film by the famous David Fincher, well established on the Red N with previous releases like Mank or his series Mindhunter. Netflix also shared a few days ago the trailer for Reptile, a feature film by Grant Singer (Benicio Del Toro, Justin Timberlake) that should hit the mark thanks to its respectable cast.

These announcements echo the recent success of films of the genre on the catalogue. Let’s mention Blacklight, an action thriller with Hollywood star Liam Neeson originally released in 2022, which boomed after recently landing on Amazon Prime Video, or Paradise, a science fiction thriller from Germany, which was a mega-hit when it was released on Netflix last month.

The Star of This Fall?

Riding on this momentum, the SVOD platform has just unveiled the trailer for a brand new enticing project that will soon join the catalog. It’s not a movie, but a series, Bodies, which will put four detectives from four different time periods face to face with the same body in the Whitechapel district of London. The series is created by Paul Tomalin, who also created Torchwood.

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A first trailer was shared, giving us a glimpse that the four detectives will span from 1890 to 2053 (1890, 1940, 2023, and therefore 2053), a period that stretches over more than 150 years. The introductory voiceover sets the tone, “You are not the first detective to discover this body,” raising many questions. Still mysterious in many ways, Bodies could well turn out to be the pleasant surprise of this fall if the production can successfully ride on this generous plot.

Slated for October 19, the series comes from the adaptation of a graphic novel of the same name written by Si Spencer and published in 2015. During their investigations, the detectives will understand that they are at the heart of a conspiracy that spans over more than 150 years.

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